» » » We’re featured in Five College’s new Collaborations newsletter!

We’re featured in Five College’s new Collaborations newsletter!

Exciting news from the PR wing of Five College Digital Humanities: our program has been featured in the debut edition of Five Colleges Inc.’s new regular newsletter, Collaborations, which highlights work happening across the Five College Consortium. 5CollDH is featured in two articles in the Spring 2015 Collaborations: one on Marisa Parham, 5CollDH’s director, and one on our post-baccalaureate residency program.

You can read Collaborations at Five Colleges Inc.’s website, or, if you’re a Pioneer Valley local, find paper copies across the colleges!

Jeffrey Moro
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5CollDH Senior Post-Baccalaureate Resident

Jeffrey Moro is Senior Post-Bac with Five College Digital Humanities. He helps wrangle most aspects of the program, particularly the Student Fellowships and Microgrants. He's a PI on the AIRLab and E.LIT / NET.ART, and a close collaborator on The Space of Mexico City. He tweets at @jeffreymoro.

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