Developing Games with 5CollDH Student Fellow Isaiah Mann

Over the last few months, we’ve run interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We finish up our series with Isaiah Mann, a third-year student at Hampshire College.What is your 5CollDH project about?My project was creating the infrastructure for a student game development studio: GlowLime Games. I worked with a team of dedicated student managers to form and maintain the logistics, development cycles, & group dynamics of five different development teams across the … Read More

More than Beeps and Boops: A Trip to the 2nd Annual North American Conference on Video Game Music

 When we talk about video games, our attention often goes to graphics, gameplay, or story. But there’s another powerful part of the video game experience—music. 2014 5CollDH microgrant recipient Hyeonjin Park (Mount Holyoke College ’15) traveled to the 2nd annual North American Conference on Video Game Music in Fort Worth, Texas, to learn more about sound’s role in how we play games. In her own words:It was a small audience, but a very interactive one as everyone sat and listened to each … Read More

Generative Music and Video Games

 What lies at the intersection of analog and digital sound? What would a “feedback loop” of compositional practices, grounded in digital technologies and experimental musicality, look and sound like? 2014-15 5CollDH undergraduate fellow Andrew Wang asks those questions, and more, in a series of musical pieces he’s developing for his project. In his own words: Generative music refers to a system in which sound elements with limitless possible combinations are set into place, creating a piece of music that is infinitely changing. Steve Reich’s “It’s Gonna Rain” is … Read More

Creating a Virtual Reality Game: The Process

 Virtual reality—it’s the hottest thing in the tech world. But how can we use VR in academia? What can VR teach us about how we live in our own bodies? And how can we use VR to teach others about the experience of living in different kinds of bodies? Using Oculus Rift technology, 2014-15 5CollDH undergraduate fellow Coralie Pardo is building a game that teaches players about the ubiquitous nature of race and gender, and how they permeate even seemingly neutral interactions. In … Read More

A Video Game Practicum: Recapping the Week

This past January, I taught a week-long January term course entitled “Winners Don’t Smash Buttons: A Video Game Practicum.” This blog post is a summary of what happened over the course of the week; if you’d like a more detailed, day-by-day version of what happened, visit If you’re interested in reading a digital essay on the experience, the course website ( explores issues of death, reincarnation, play, and so much more. Course syllabus is available here.Given all the snow … Read More

In Beatdown City, Treachery Destroys You!

So, I have this thing. This thing being that I lie to myself about…well, things—like how much I really don’t want a scone, or how much I really want to go jogging, or how I’m going to bed right now. Case and point: the conversation I had with myself two nights ago. 9pm: I’m going to bed. 10pm: I’m going to bed 12am: Okay, I’m really going to go to bed. 3am: I’m really going to bed. 6am: I’ll just stay awake. My reason for unintentionally-intenionally lying to myself? Tumblr (fellow DH-comrade Marii posted on Tumblr API +Markup for all … Read More