“The Infrastructural Landscape of Ancient Tharros: A GIS Approach to Recording a Roman City” by Cinzia Presti

The goal of the project was to use a combination of digital humanities technologies and traditional archaeological methodologies to model and analyze the water and waste management system in Roman Tharros (Sardinia, Italy). After a year of modeling and research, the map is finally up on ArcGIS online!: https://arcg.is/1TTPzL Before I began this project, I had never worked with ArcGIS or FileMaker before and had never conducted an archaeological ground survey, so the majority of the work in the spring … Read More

“Bulls in a China Shop: The Asian-American Struggle for Place” by Vivian Nguyen

As a Vietnamese-American, food is important to how I understand my cultural identity, how I celebrate my traditions, and how I feel close to my family and ancestors. Furthermore, by virtue of its deliciousness, it is the medium by which most people are introduced to and understand my Vietnamese heritage. Through my digital humanities research project, I wanted to take food, something that is relatable to and enjoyed by everyone, and offer a different way of experiencing it. Bulls in … Read More

“Loose, Informal Connections: Black Women Prisoners and the Black International” by Destiny Wiley-Yancy

Ambitious Beginnings Looking back on my work on the Five College Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellowship, my goals were ambitious. I wanted to design a geospatial carceral history project that drew together transnational linkages between the lives of two incarcerated women, Ericka Huggins and Theresa Ramashamola. On the surface, Huggins and Ramashamola could not be more dissimilar. They were active during different moments of the global Black freedom struggle, lived in different countries, and represented distinct archetypes of Black activist women. … Read More

Developing Games with 5CollDH Student Fellow Isaiah Mann

Over the last few months, we’ve run interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We finish up our series with Isaiah Mann, a third-year student at Hampshire College.What is your 5CollDH project about?My project was creating the infrastructure for a student game development studio: GlowLime Games. I worked with a team of dedicated student managers to form and maintain the logistics, development cycles, & group dynamics of five different development teams across the … Read More