“Loose, Informal Connections: Black Women Prisoners and the Black International” by Destiny Wiley-Yancy

Ambitious Beginnings Looking back on my work on the Five College Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellowship, my goals were ambitious. I wanted to design a geospatial carceral history project that drew together transnational linkages between the lives of two incarcerated women, Ericka Huggins and Theresa Ramashamola. On the surface, Huggins and Ramashamola could not be more dissimilar. They were active during different moments of the global Black freedom struggle, lived in different countries, and represented distinct archetypes of Black activist women. … Read More

“Queer Home and Home-Making in Modern Paris” by Ray Van Huizen & Ella Martin-Gachot

Ray Van Huizen and Ella Martin-Gachot, Smith CollegeCheck out Ray and Ella’s project site at https://lesclefsdechezmoi.5colldh.org/. Ray:I learned a lot while working on the Five College Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellowship. I learned about new software, about website design, about geographic information systems (GIS). I learned about knowing when to ask for help and advice. But most of all, I learned about teamwork.I’ll start at the beginning, though. Ella and I had been working on our documentary for more than year—we were set … Read More

The Iron Streets of Pompeii and the Curious Case of Liquid Roman Iron

One of the great joys and frustrations of academia is coming up against a phenomenon that defies explanation. In 5CollDH undergraduate fellow Juliana van Roggen’s case, it’s asking why there are small iron deposits scattered around the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. In collaboration with an ongoing archaeological project, she’s creating a public, digital resource that maps the city in new and unusual ways. In her own words: Unlike my colleagues, my project does not focus on creation. Instead, I am tackling … Read More