On Finishing a Thesis

  5CollDH Undergraduate Fellow and Amherst College student Carl “Ott” Lindstrom has audience on the brain. His fellowship project is a multimedia Scalar exhibition tracking the changing relationship of the spectator with the media object from classic film to interactive video games to the immersive future of virtual reality. This is Ott’s second post of three; you can click through to read the first and third installments, or read an interview with Ott conducted by Jeffrey Moro.   I’m not a parent, … Read More

Dominicano Donde Sea

60 Years of Globalization, Migration, and Integration in the Nikkei Dominican Community — A Microgrant Reflection by Omar PinedaFrom the streets of Little Tokyo in Los Angeles to those of São Paulo’s Liberdade district, Japan’s culture, media, and people have disseminated all over the world. Many have engaged the relationship between media and migration within the Japanese diaspora, focusing on the Nikkei communities that have formed in Latin America and the communities of descendant return migrant workers in Japan. However, … Read More