“Bulls in a China Shop: The Asian-American Struggle for Place” by Vivian Nguyen

As a Vietnamese-American, food is important to how I understand my cultural identity, how I celebrate my traditions, and how I feel close to my family and ancestors. Furthermore, by virtue of its deliciousness, it is the medium by which most people are introduced to and understand my Vietnamese heritage. Through my digital humanities research project, I wanted to take food, something that is relatable to and enjoyed by everyone, and offer a different way of experiencing it. Bulls in … Read More

“Bad Books: An Exploration of Censorship” by Kendall Futrell

Kendall Futrell, Smith CollegeAfter a semester I have finally finished the project I started in January — Bad Books: An Exploration of Censorship! It is a digital exhibit, which you can check out here: https://badbooks.5colldh.org (it’s a .org, I feel so cool).The project is meant to showcase censorship and the many different ways it can look. I knew when I started the project that censorship wasn’t just burning and banning books, but I had no idea where I was going to … Read More