The New Rigor: 5CollDH Evaluates Assessment

“A conversation about linking our digital scholarship to useful structures of support and evaluation”

Throughout 2015, Five College Digital Humanities has worked with faculty, staff, students, and community members throughout and beyond the Five Colleges to help understand how to make recognizable and assess digital projects and digital humanists in new ways. Under the banner of The New Rigor, we’ve hosted two successful miniconferences, created white papers and data visualizations, and hosted online notes and conversations on the structural, social, and practical concerns that scholars of all kinds doing digital work face. How might we construe rigor flexibly, while also supporting the creative energies that drive scholarly insight? How can we build structures of evaluation, assessment, and support that encourage excellent digital work?


In other words: “What is actually helpful?”

We’re assembling our community’s ideas, along with new and old guidelines from scholarly organizations, into an informal publication. In it, we’ll share 5CollDH’s recommendations for how institutions and committees can support and evaluate digital scholarship, and how scholars themselves can navigate evaluation processes.

Check out our open Google Docs with notes from past New Rigor events, and contribute your own thoughts, ideas, and questions about how to support digital work at your own institution.

Check out data visualizations from the tweets from our first New Rigor conference, and join the conversation with the hashtag #newrigor.