Head-and-Shoulder Hunting in the Americas

Unearthing the Visual Culture of Lobotomy


Miriam Posner is the Digital Humanities Program Coordinator at University of California—Los Angeles. A prominent voice in the DH community, Posner’s scholarly work explores the intersection of media and medicine. Her most recent work focuses on medical filmmaking—that is, how doctors have used film to make sense of the human body. She has a forthcoming book, entitled Depth Perception: Narrative and the Body in American Medical Filmmaking. Her Ph.D., from Yale University, is in Film Studies and American Studies.

On April 16th, Dr. Posner gave a talk at Amherst College to students, faculty, and staff from the Five Colleges that explored how lobotomies were performed, documented, and validated in visual and medical cultures. The lecture engaged questions of public health, remembrance, and the ethics of digital media testimonies.