(Un)loving Mechanics

Queerness and Straightwashing in Digital Games


Edmond Y. Chang is an Assistant Professor of English at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. Chang is committed to the idea that video games (and games in general) occupy an important part of our lives and media ecology, that games can be both “serious” and “fun,” and that games are necessary objects of inquiry and analysis. His research broadly inquires into questions of technology and identity; more specifically, he delves into issues of queering in video games, post-humanism, straight washing in different media, cyberpunk fiction, racial and cultural diversity in video games and film.
Chang is currently focused on video gaming pedagogy in the classroom. Chang has numerous digital, journal and book publications on topics as wide-ranging as Harry Potter and Bioshock forthcoming. He earned his Ph.D. in English at the University of Washington (UW).