Researching and writing history has always been labor intensive and time consuming. Making that history digital adds to this challenge in ways that make it very difficult to allow students to engage in original research and digital history production in the course of a single semester. Through the creation of a Five College Digital History Toolkit, the Valley Women’s History (VWH) project aims to develop multi-institutional digital resources that foster the collection and presentation of local women’s histories by teams of students, faculty and staff from the Five Colleges.

VWH works in conjunction with the Valley Women’s History Collaborative to forge a central digital repository of feminist history in the Pioneer Valley. This aggregating hub builds on an online database, integrates new and existing materials (oral history transcripts, audio recordings, video clips, photographs, etc), and makes critical new connections between the 350 different women’s groups that have already been identified as active in the Pioneer Valley since 1965.


Below: A lightning talk by Laura Lovett on Valley Women’s History from the 5CollDH 2014 Kick-Off Event.


Project Leader:

Laura Lovett History, UMass—Amherst