Project SHHARE aims to create a bilingual (English/Spanish) website that will host a searchable database of digital stories on issues relevant to Latino communities in Western Massachusetts, as well as resources for digital storytelling production and scholarship. These Latino-centered digital stories (three to five-minute videos) will be catalogued through a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional collaboration between Five College faculty, students, and librarians, and the Latino Youth Media Institute (LYMI), a project of Springfield’s PBS station, WGBY 57. The website will be a resource for Latino communities in Western Massachusetts, for faculty and researchers interested in participatory digital scholarship, and for students involved in related curricular initiatives across the Five Colleges.


  1. Make available to students, teachers, researchers, and community advocates a searchable catalog of digital stories on and by Latinas/os in Western Massachusetts for research and advocacy purposes. We have approximately two hundred stories, although some will not be posted due to confidentiality issues. This site will also host resources and documentation to help students, scholars, and residents engage with the process of producing and researching digital stories.
  2. Consolidate current course offerings as well as develop and promote new courses and community-based, faculty-student research projects using participatory digital media, such as digital storytelling. We intend to build SHHARE’s capacity to plan and initiate innovative curricular and research initiatives based on the new capabilities offered by a searchable database of digital stories.
  3. Provide students, community partners and residents alike with a virtual showcase for sharing their stories in order to enhance their ability to reach broader audiences for community-building and advocacy purposes. Furthermore, we want to create a virtual community space where students, faculty, librarians, and residents alike can provide input on the stories and exchange information through social media and other interactive features.
  4. Build relationships within and between our institutions to better understand the challenges and benefits associated with this type of interdisciplinary, multiinstitutional, community-based participatory research, and digital media-oriented project. As our libraries move to expand institutional repositories, this project to create and maintain a community-based digital collection through a multi-institutional and interdisciplinary collaboration will provide insight into how dynamic digital collections can best meet curricular needs.

Project Members:

Rogelio Miñana
Mount Holyoke College, Spanish

Alice Whiteside
Mount Holyoke College, Research and Instructional Support

Vanessa Pabón
Community Engagement Director, WGBY


Below: Una charla rápida con Rogelio Miñana (Professor de Estudios Latinos/as en Mount Holyoke College), director de Project SHHARE, un proyecto de Five College Digital Humanities.


Below: A lightning talk by Rogelio Miñana (Professor of Latino/a Studies at Mount Holyoke College), PI of Project SHHARE, a Five College Digital Humanities.