T.X. Watson

T.X. Watson is one of five Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2017-2018 academic year. At the time of the year-long fellowship, T.X. was a student at Hampshire College.

Why Bare Hands? Why RYSE-UP?

T.X.’s project, Memetic Engines of Anticapitalism, explores political activist work based on the premises that effective activism needs to take place on the memetic landscape of our culture, and that the major actors of capitalism are memetic entities rather than individual humans. This project deals both with “memes” used on the internet and memetic social structures in the broader sense. T.X. Watson creates a collection of works meant to act individually, either as such engines or as illustrations of what such engines potentially can look like. Presenting his work at a gallery exhibit at both Hampshire College and during the Five College Digital Humanities Fellowship showcase event (April 28th, 2020, at Smith College), T.X shared this philosophical framework while extending his memetic engines to the public at the same time

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