Misha Oraa Ali

Misha Oraa Ali is one of seven Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2016-2017 academic year. At the time of the year-long fellowship, Misha was a Senior at Mount Holyoke College.

Check out Misha’s project, MuSyC.

Apart from this software/device being an applied neuro-technology tool, it could also be used in a pedagogical format for music teachers (for example); If a kid is coming in for their first week of music training, and the kid cant tell the difference between ‘F’ and ‘F sharp’ because she has no musical training, using colour to make distinctions between those two notes might trigger other ways of remembering. So, if i heard that ‘F’ is green and ‘F sharp’ is dark green, that could help me associate those two tones with those colours and provide a visual aid that could help me in my musical journey.


Misha’s project, MuSyC (Music, Synaesthesia, Color), focuses on building a music-to-colour synaesthesia simulator by taking auditory stimulus input and presenting real time visual feedback.