Marii Nyröp is one of five Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2013-2014 academic year. At the time of her year-long fellowship project, Marii was a Senior (Division III) at Hampshire College concentrating in Digital Media, Critical Theory, and Fine Art. Following her time in the undergraduate fellowship, Marii was the post-baccalaureate technologist in residence here at 5CollDH.


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Contemporary Artistic Practice and the Affects of Cloud Computing


Marii Nyröp’s 5CollDH fellowship project (and Division III thesis) was a thematic and collaborative project that interrogated cloud computing as an affective, artistic medium. The project began as an open call for international media artists to apply for Marii’s online residency program. Once selected, the artists (including Marii) spent several weeks chatting, Skyping, and emailing content back and forth in order to make new artworks on the topic of ‘the cloud’ and in conversation with each other. These works were exhibited in an IRL gallery show at Hampshire College and in an online installation at


In the Embarrassment_Party curatorial statement, Marii explains:

Much more than the servers, routers, cables, and agreements to terms of service that comprise it, we know the cloud to be a precarious factory and a nauseous feeling. We also know it to be a medium through which resistance, eagerness, and generative forms of embarrassment can still materialize. If the cloud can no longer be extricated from protocols of social, political, economic, and emotional life, we hope that this installation might inform a more empathetic future for those who will have been uploaded into it.