Key Estime

Key Estime is one of five Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2017-2018 academic year. At the time of the year-long fellowship, Key was a student at Mount Holyoke College.

Why Bare Hands? Why RYSE-UP?

Key’s project, Why Bare Hands? Why RYSE-UP?, is a hybrid project that articulates a digital video ethnography with a hypermedia web experience. This work explores the needs of youth in the RYSE Program; which stands for Railroad Street Youth Student Empowerment Program. Using hypermedia digital storytelling, Key’s work advocates for the personal stories of the youth in Girls and Boys Club, Girls, Inc, programs at Amherst College, Nueva Esperanza, the ROOT in North Adams, and Railroad Street Youth Project. The project focuses on youth advocacy and empowerment methods in both the rural districts of Massachusetts and with the partnerships that Mount Holyoke College created in Holyoke, MA during the summer of 2018. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that the US is losing young people economically by not providing structural spaces for youth to come back to after college or work.

This experimental film, dubbed Bare Hands, is a commentary on this national crisis, where the youth are surrounded by screens and technology without such influence being balanced with creativity and play to process these numerous images and abilities. One method of play is controlled by corporations (screens and technology), while creativity and play results in organic imagination and original creation.