Gavriella Levy Haskell is one of five Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2013-2014 academic year. At the time of her year-long fellowship project, Gavi was a junior at Smith College double-majoring in Art History and Computer Science.


Below: The graphical user interface (GUI) mockup for Gavi’s app editor. (Click image to enlarge)

Build A Better Audio Tour:

A desktop application for the creation of GPS-based audio tour iPhone apps


Gavi Levy Haskell’s 5CollDH fellowship project seeks to build a desktop application through which museums and other cultural institutions can create freely-available, GPS-assisted iOS audio tour apps. Larger museums can often afford to hire a developer to build apps for them, but currently the cheaper solutions available are unideal: dial-in audio tours that cost minutes on cell phone plans; collective apps that don’t allow for individualized branding; or something like podcasts, which require going through a lot of options to find a specific object. Thus the desktop editor will allow museums to include their own branding, and to offer a narrowed list of options for easy searching (using the assisted GPS), in a device they can produce themselves with relatively few technical skills.

Though museums were the original target audience, she’s trying to keep the application fairly flexible, and is investigating ways that the editor could also serve a useful function for everything from arboreta and historical sites to classroom exercises and graveyard biography.