Christin Washington

Christin Washington is one of seven Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2016-2017 academic year. At the time of the year-long fellowship, Christin was a Senior at Amherst College.

Check out Christin’s project site for “Dare to Remember: A Digital Memorial of Black Brooklyn” at


Dare to Remember:

A Digital Memorial of Black Brooklyn

Christin’s project Dare to Remember re-envisions ways to represent histories of black Brooklyn. It explores the potential of GIS Mapping, photography, and Augmented Reality to memorialize these histories while paying respect to the roles of silence and erasure embedded within them.

In Christin’s words:

In my work, I use real life examples to illustrate where I see the oppressive silences vs where I see the optional silences. For example, I use street names to show how deeply the oppressive silence is embedded into physical spaces because those street names, are often names of slaveholders. And those names don’t really carry the epistemology of “slaveholding,” they are not easily identifiable as slaveholders’ names because in the way history has memorialized such families, they were more likely to be called “major land owners” not “slave masters”. But whose land did they own? And who made sure that property was kept? ….the answers to those questions have been hush hush. But actually, the silenced answer to those questions is “black people.”