Carl “Ott” Lindstrom is one of five Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2015-2016 academic year. At the time of the fellowship, Carl was a senior English and Film and Media Studies major at Amherst College.

Carl’s project, The Watcher and the Watched: The Shifting Semiotics of Spectatorship, is a multimedia Scalar exhibition tracking the changing relationship of the spectator with the media object from classic film to interactive video games to the immersive future of virtual reality.

In Carl’s words:

I heavily focus on the use of the first person, POV perspective to affect subjectivity and immersion, and draw from semiotic and psychoanalytic theory as well as film studies. I am producing a non-linear, multimedia essay whose labyrinthine structure and transmedial hooks seek to mimic the exploratory, co-present nature of the mediums which I am analyzing.

The Watcher and the Watched:

The Shifting Semiotics of Spectatorship
In truth, my project really isn’t about film, games and virtual reality very much at all. Rather, it uses media as an excuse not to talk about media, instead discussing power relations, patriarchal expectations, the implications of the masculine gaze, the liminal nature of femininity and the anxieties of free will and subjectivity.