Cade Johnson

Cade Johnson is one of five Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2014-2015 academic year. At the time of her year-long fellowship project, Cade was a Junior at Smith College.

Haraway’s Basement

What I’ve found thus far is even more of a more chaotic and quixotic narrative than I could have anticipated. IMDB keywords … range from the reasonable to the absurd to the mildly disturbing.

Cade’s project is a queer feminist online installation art piece and analytical essay on the strange life of body horror in cinema and the digital age. Through theorists such as Donna Haraway and Julia Kristeva, artists and filmmakers such as David Cronenberg and porpentine, and technologies such as Twine, the project interrogates new relationships between the body, the audience, and the screen, and what stakes those relationships have for feminist praxis.