Bailey Fernandez

Bailey Fernandez is one of five Digital Humanities undergraduate fellows from the 2017-2018 academic year. At the time of the year-long fellowship, Bailey was a student at Hampshire College.

In response to the interlocking theses in Twine, I also created a sonic accompaniment that generates and changes over time. It consisted of two sine tones which start at equilibrium and then gradually “generate” apart from one another. The organization of the piece emphasized both the similarities and the contradictions between its respective subjects.

Magic & Ideology:

Foundations for a Creative Structuralism

Bailey’s project, Magic & Ideology: Foundations for a Creative Structuralism, combines structuralist theory and constructive myth theory inside the space of a digital thesis. Bailey develops a new form of structural analysis to analyze the production of ideas. Through outlining, analyzing, and diagramming, this research groups the mental-producing elements into two camps: magic and ideology. Using digital tools (Max/MSP and Twine), Bailey creates an interactive, experiential thesis. This thesis dissects the ideological architecture behind the writings of Norse compiler Snorri Sturluson, English poet William Blake, and reactionary philosopher Nick Land. Bailey presented a lecture and portions of the thesis at the Fellows showcase event (April 28th, 2020, at Smith College).