Marisa Parham is Professor of English at Amherst College, and also directs the Five College Digital Humanities Initiative, which focuses both on helping artists and scholars to integrate technology into humanities scholarship and creative work, and also to bring those disciplines to influence technological growth and spread.

Her current teaching and research projects focus on texts that problematize assumptions about time, space, and bodily materiality, particularly as such terms share a history of increasing complexity in texts produced by African Americans. She holds a PhD in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, and is the author of Haunting and Displacement in African-American Literature and Culture, as well as The African-American Student’s Guide to College. She formerly served on the Board of Directors for the Amherst Cinema Arts Center, and in 2005 was a fellow at the W.E.B. DuBois Research Institute at Harvard University, and in 2014 a Huntington Library fellow.

She can be found online at or via Twitter @amplify285.

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