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My Digital Humanities Fellowship, The Continuation….



5CollDH Undergraduate Fellow and Mount Holyoke College student Eunice Esomonu’s project consists of four public art installations that use elements of hip hop culture to gain perspective on interactive multimedia production. This is her third post of three. You can click through to read the first and second installments, or read an interview with Eunice by Jeffrey Moro.



The Semester and the fellowship has ended but it is another beginning with this project.

My idea and concept for this project was to create four engaging installations inspired by the four foundational elements of hip hop: DJing, Graffiti, Breaking, and Rapping/MCing. I wanted the opportunity to create a project that allows for others to understand the multifaceted aspect of hip hop culture. In addition, I want to use the digital aspect to show how technology affected each element differently throughout the years. The project was very ambitious so I didn’t have the chance to do everything that I wanted or even fully take on the last installation but it is an opportunity to pursue continuation for these ideas.


When I got to Rap Music, I had to really think I what I want to pursue: language, rhyme scheme, geographical influence. At this point, I want to really focus on how rappers present words in order to allow for listeners to take a glimpse in their world and/or psyche. Unlike the other installations, which I had a solid idea on how I want to approach, the Rap installation is going to take more time to decipher. I’ve been told by advisors to take a step back, step away from the technology, and fully acknowledge on what you want to pursue… so that is what I’m going to do.

My interactive installations, in my opinion, are unfinished pieces or work that can be expanded further. I want to use each installation as a foundation for projects that delve more into hip hop culture and have the opportunity to allow for more public interaction. Due to hip hop culture evolving and expanding, I believe that this project will be continuation and to grow with the culture.

Eunice Esomonu
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Eunice is a Senior at Mount Holyoke College and a 2015-2016 Undergraduate Fellow with 5CollDH.