» » » [Innovatefellows] Summer’18 [email protected] Symposium (only open to UMass faculty/staff)

[Innovatefellows] Summer’18 [email protected] Symposium (only open to UMass faculty/staff)

UMass Faculty/Staff,
We are offering [email protected] Symposium from May 21-24 as a collaboration between TEFD, the UMass Libraries, and IT, and I am hoping you can share this information with your colleagues. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 20.

Participation in the Symposium is supported by a $500 stipend, and faculty agree to deploy one new tool used in the Symposium in one of their courses, attend a post-Symposium session during the academic year to share their experiences, and to be part of an instructional innovation working group on campus.

The [email protected] Symposium puts cutting-edge instructional technologies into the hands of the academic community in a series of focused workshop sessions. As we move towards innovations and new ways to keep students engaged in the classroom, these Symposia provide a unique opportunity to have hands-on instruction, to work with colleagues, and then try out the new tools. Symposia participants will also become part of an innovation think-tank as Innovation Fellows (https://innovate.umass.edu/the-innovation-fellows ) and will be brought together to consider instructional innovations throughout the academic year.
The Symposium is focused on the faculty experience, and will include UMass Faculty Innovation Fellows as presenters alongside leaders from TEFD, UMass Libraries and UMass IT. Planned topics include new ways to structure student collaboration and teamwork, techniques and tools for assigning media and digital content creation projects, increasing student engagement and providing new ways to deliver course materials. The Symposium will also give faculty previews of new technologies being piloted on campus.

Faculty can apply for the Symposium here: https://goo.gl/forms/ARmWOUbsk6B3LeYA2

If you have questions about [email protected] Symposium, please contact Olga Kyle, UMass IT Special Projects and Video Coordinator: [email protected]

Best wishes,
Olga Kyle

Olga Kyle,
Special Projects | Video Coordinator
for the Vice Chancellor of Information Services & Strategy & CIO
University of Massachusetts Amherst
(413) 577-0061 | [email protected]

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