“Progress Or Die”: Changes in Game Design

  In the time between the writings of this and the last blog posts, the game design was revised several times due to the constraints of time. As a refresher, the project, called “Progress or Die”, is a 2D top down turn based strategy game built around killing Boss Monsters with 1 warrior. The warrior is up against superhuman enemies and if they die they are dead forever. They have to become more powerful by defeating weaker monsters and leveling their … Read More

GlowLime’s Winter Studio Day 0

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The following is a guest post by Riva Lam (Mount Holyoke ’18), who is participating in a Jan term game development seminar hosted by GlowLime Games, and funded by a Five College Digital Humanities Microgrant. You can learn more about GlowLime, which is a student-led development initiative for the five colleges, at http://glowlime.com.   Day 0.How does one proceed in kicking off the new year? Some people like to pop champagne bottles and make resolutions. Others merely roll their eyes. However, … Read More