A Video Game Practicum: Recapping the Week

This past January, I taught a week-long January term course entitled “Winners Don’t Smash Buttons: A Video Game Practicum.” This blog post is a summary of what happened over the course of the week; if you’d like a more detailed, day-by-day version of what happened, visit gaming.thecritical.is. If you’re interested in reading a digital essay on the experience, the course website (gaming.5colldh.org) explores issues of death, reincarnation, play, and so much more. Course syllabus is available here.Given all the snow … Read More

In Beatdown City, Treachery Destroys You!

So, I have this thing. This thing being that I lie to myself about…well, things—like how much I really don’t want a scone, or how much I really want to go jogging, or how I’m going to bed right now. Case and point: the conversation I had with myself two nights ago. 9pm: I’m going to bed. 10pm: I’m going to bed 12am: Okay, I’m really going to go to bed. 3am: I’m really going to bed. 6am: I’ll just stay awake. My reason for unintentionally-intenionally lying to myself? Tumblr (fellow DH-comrade Marii posted on Tumblr API +Markup for all … Read More