The Iron Streets of Pompeii: An Interactive Map

 With much pride and joy, I invite you to view one of the products of the research that Eric Poehler, Ben Crowther, and I have been conducting over the past year. My website,, brings the user through the streets of Pompeii to view many of the instances of iron used to repair and maintain the streets (as seen above). Accompanying the interactive map, I have supplied additional information about the project. Also, I would like to thank Mariel Nyröp … Read More

The Iron Streets of Pompeii and the Curious Case of Liquid Roman Iron

One of the great joys and frustrations of academia is coming up against a phenomenon that defies explanation. In 5CollDH undergraduate fellow Juliana van Roggen’s case, it’s asking why there are small iron deposits scattered around the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. In collaboration with an ongoing archaeological project, she’s creating a public, digital resource that maps the city in new and unusual ways. In her own words: Unlike my colleagues, my project does not focus on creation. Instead, I am tackling … Read More