Developing Games with 5CollDH Student Fellow Isaiah Mann

Over the last few months, we’ve run interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We finish up our series with Isaiah Mann, a third-year student at Hampshire College.What is your 5CollDH project about?My project was creating the infrastructure for a student game development studio: GlowLime Games. I worked with a team of dedicated student managers to form and maintain the logistics, development cycles, & group dynamics of five different development teams across the … Read More

Mixing Tech and Hip-Hop with 5CollDH Fellow Eunice Esomonu

Over the next few months, we’re running interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We continue our series with Eunice Esomonu, a senior at Mount Holyoke College. What is your 5CollDH project about?My project seeks to search and convey the intersection of hip hop and technology through interactive installations inspired by the four elements of hip hop: DJing/Turntablism, Graffiti, Breaking, and MCing/Rapping. I want to be able to convey the connection between hip-hop culture … Read More

Exploring Videogames and Virtual Reality with 5CollDH Student Fellow Carl “Ott” Lindstrom

Over the next few months, we’re running interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We continue our series with Carl “Ott” Lindstrom, a senior English and Film and Media Studies major at Amherst College. What is your 5CollDH project about?My as-yet-unnamed project charts the changing subject/object relationship between the spectator and the media object through three key evolutions in visual media: cinematic film, video games and virtual reality. I heavily focus on the use … Read More

Locating Zines with 5CollDH Student Fellow Nora Claire Miller

Over the next few months, we’re running interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We start our series with Nora Claire Miller, a Division II student at Hampshire College. What is your 5CollDH project about?My project, Locating Zines, explores networks of zines (small, self-produced booklets or mini magazines) in the 1990s through digital mapping. The rise of zines in the 1990’s is often associated with the rise of riot grrrl, a musical and social … Read More

Visualizing the New Rigor

This is a cross-post from my personal blog.Back in May, Five College Digital Humanities organized a conference called The New Rigor, in which we tackled the question of what kinds of support and evaluation structures would best facilitate making interesting, innovative digital work. The conference was a whole lot of fun, and if you’re interested in some of those conversations, I recommend checking out the conference’s website, which has documentation and notes out the wazoo. I don’t want to talk … Read More

We’re featured in Five College’s new Collaborations newsletter!

Exciting news from the PR wing of Five College Digital Humanities: our program has been featured in the debut edition of Five Colleges Inc.’s new regular newsletter, Collaborations, which highlights work happening across the Five College Consortium. 5CollDH is featured in two articles in the Spring 2015 Collaborations: one on Marisa Parham, 5CollDH’s director, and one on our post-baccalaureate residency program.You can read Collaborations at Five Colleges Inc.’s website, or, if you’re a Pioneer Valley local, find paper copies across the colleges!

E.LIT/NET.ART, A J-Term Course in Pictures

Last month, I taught a week-long course on electronic literature and Internet art called (imaginatively, I know) E.LIT/NET.ART: An Extraordinarily Brief Survey of Digital Literature, 1975 – 2015. The course was a self-consciously brief introduction to major themes, forms, and genres of electronic literature: eight students and I trawled through hypertext, Flash animation, interactive fiction, and then some, paying attention to how electronic literature reconfigures not only our understanding of what “literature” means, but how an expanded view of textuality … Read More

On Walls, Dirt, and Being Wrong:
An Interview with Eric Poehler

  Eric Poehler is an Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is co-director of the Pompeii Quadriporticus Project, which is funded by Five College Digital Humanities, UMass-Amherst, the UMass-Amherst Department of Classics, the University of Cincinnati Department of Classics, and Cardinal Intellectual Property. He sat down with 5CollDH Post-Bac Jeffrey Moro, who assisted the project in the field this past summer, to talk about the work, technology, and bringing DH into the classroom. JEFFREY MORO: … Read More

Meet Rebelmouse, or DIY Digital Curation

Occasionally, my fellow post-bacs and I will write blog posts highlighting different tools that we use in our work with Five College Digital Humanities. There’s no want for sites all over the Internet that offer similar information, many of which are able to go far more in depth than we have space for here in the Sandbox. Rather than offering yet another full-throated defense (or condemnation, as the preferences may be) of Zotero, Omeka, or any of the more common … Read More

A PQP Retrospective

One year ago this month, I accompanied Eric Poehler’s (Assistant Prof. of Classics, UMass-Amherst) Pompeii Quadriporticus Project to—appropriately—Pompeii for three weeks of field study. It was my third week as post-bac for Five College Digital Humanities. On my first day in Pompeii, I was kicked out of a Burger King under accusations of passing off counterfeit Euros. I also had the pleasure of getting sunstroke on a chartered boat off the coast of Positano, near Sorrento. I tried, unsuccessfuly, to … Read More