“The Infrastructural Landscape of Ancient Tharros: A GIS Approach to Recording a Roman City” by Cinzia Presti

The goal of the project was to use a combination of digital humanities technologies and traditional archaeological methodologies to model and analyze the water and waste management system in Roman Tharros (Sardinia, Italy). After a year of modeling and research, the map is finally up on ArcGIS online!: https://arcg.is/1TTPzL Before I began this project, I had never worked with ArcGIS or FileMaker before and had never conducted an archaeological ground survey, so the majority of the work in the spring … Read More

“Arteries of the Empire: Relays in the Frontier Region of Qing China” by Tian Xia

Mapping Qing Relay Stations The project first started as a small mapping job that I did for an Amherst professor. My original task was to map an 18th century jade smuggling route that went from Sinkiang to coastal China. Along the way of extracting information out of Chinese historical archives and plotting them with ArcGIS, I noticed that the smuggling routes overlapped a great deal with Qing China’s relay routes, especially in the frontier regions, and I became more interested … Read More

“Bulls in a China Shop: The Asian-American Struggle for Place” by Vivian Nguyen

As a Vietnamese-American, food is important to how I understand my cultural identity, how I celebrate my traditions, and how I feel close to my family and ancestors. Furthermore, by virtue of its deliciousness, it is the medium by which most people are introduced to and understand my Vietnamese heritage. Through my digital humanities research project, I wanted to take food, something that is relatable to and enjoyed by everyone, and offer a different way of experiencing it. Bulls in … Read More

“Metrics of Success in South Asian Contemporary Art” by Shreeansh Agrawal

Between 2008 and 2012, there was a well-known touring exhibition of contemporary art called Indian Highway which travelled to London, Oslo, Herning, Rome, Beijing, and Lyon. In a review, journalist Charles Darwent had the following to say: “To edit the entirety of India’s contemporary art down to 20 or so practitioners is to fall into the trap of imposing order on a thing that will just not have order imposed on it. The result is that we come away from … Read More

“Loose, Informal Connections: Black Women Prisoners and the Black International” by Destiny Wiley-Yancy

Ambitious Beginnings Looking back on my work on the Five College Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellowship, my goals were ambitious. I wanted to design a geospatial carceral history project that drew together transnational linkages between the lives of two incarcerated women, Ericka Huggins and Theresa Ramashamola. On the surface, Huggins and Ramashamola could not be more dissimilar. They were active during different moments of the global Black freedom struggle, lived in different countries, and represented distinct archetypes of Black activist women. … Read More

Leap Day 2020: Presenting at the Connecticut Digital Humanities Conference (by Post-Bac Fellow Evan Young)

https://twitter.com/jbj/status/1233781680357249026 This past weekend, I presented at Trinity College on my use of augmented reality technology in my hybrid digital humanities project during the inaugural Connecticut Digital Humanities Conference. Thanks to a small grant from Five Colleges, Inc., I had the chance over the course of the two-day conference on February 28-29 to network with faculty, librarians, technologists, and graduate and undergraduate students all working in DH. My first time attending – let alone presenting at – a digital humanities … Read More

Announcing the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Digital Humanities Fellows!

We are excited to announce this year’s fellowship cohort for the Five College Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellowship! Read more about the fellows and their projects by clicking the links below their names. Shreeansh Agrawal Amherst College Senior Metrics of Success in South Asian Contemporary Art Vivian Nguyen Smith College Senior Bulls in a China Shop: The Asian-American Struggle for Place Cinzia Presti UMass Amherst Senior The Infrastructural Landscape of Ancient Tharos: A GIS Approach to Recording a Roman City

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The 2019-2020 Five College Undergraduate Digital Humanities Fellowship

Submissions are due December 6th, 2019 at 9:00pm. Successful recipients will be notified by December 13th, 2019.The Five College program in Blended Learning and Digital Humanities is pleased to announce that our Undergraduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities is accepting applications for the 2019-2020 academic year. Junior and senior undergraduate students (and exceptional sophomores) at any of the five colleges are invited to submit proposals for creative and/or scholarly projects that draw together the humanities and substantial work with digital … Read More

“Augmenting a Literary Web” by Evan Young

Evan Young, Amherst CollegeIt’s June 12, 2019. I’m writing this blog post from Boulder, Colorado, where I’m visiting family for just over a week. Soon I’ll be moving into my apartment in Amherst to start my Post-Baccalaureate position at Five College BL/DH. I’m excited to be staying on until June 2020; it will be wonderful to support the upcoming year’s group of student fellows!I started my fellowship in January 2019 by going to the Boston MFA to meet with a … Read More

“Queer Home and Home-Making in Modern Paris” by Ray Van Huizen & Ella Martin-Gachot

Ray Van Huizen and Ella Martin-Gachot, Smith CollegeCheck out Ray and Ella’s project site at https://lesclefsdechezmoi.5colldh.org/. Ray:I learned a lot while working on the Five College Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellowship. I learned about new software, about website design, about geographic information systems (GIS). I learned about knowing when to ask for help and advice. But most of all, I learned about teamwork.I’ll start at the beginning, though. Ella and I had been working on our documentary for more than year—we were set … Read More

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