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  5CollDH Undergraduate Fellow and Amherst College student Carl “Ott” Lindstrom has audience on the brain. His fellowship project is a multimedia Scalar exhibition tracking the changing relationship of the spectator with the media object from classic film to interactive video games to the immersive future of virtual reality. This is Ott’s first post of three; you can click through to read the second and third installments, or read an interview with Ott conducted by Jeffrey Moro.    “Write of the … Read More

Exploring Videogames and Virtual Reality with 5CollDH Student Fellow Carl “Ott” Lindstrom

Over the next few months, we’re running interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We continue our series with Carl “Ott” Lindstrom, a senior English and Film and Media Studies major at Amherst College. What is your 5CollDH project about?My as-yet-unnamed project charts the changing subject/object relationship between the spectator and the media object through three key evolutions in visual media: cinematic film, video games and virtual reality. I heavily focus on the use … Read More

Locating Zines with 5CollDH Student Fellow Nora Miller

Over the next few months, we’re running interviews with 5CollDH Student Fellows to learn more about their projects and research process. We start our series with Nora Miller, a Division II student at Hampshire College. What is your 5CollDH project about?My project, Locating Zines, explores networks of zines (small, self-produced booklets or mini magazines) in the 1990s through digital mapping. The rise of zines in the 1990’s is often associated with the rise of riot grrrl, a musical and social movement … Read More

Documenting Salience and Virtuality in Pierre Huyghe’s LACMA Retrospective

In Open Sky, cultural theorist Paul Virilio triangulates the space-time dichotomy with the relativity of “light.” The light of the televisual apparatus, he argues, accelerates space and time, and places contemporary society on a trajectory toward a crash. I started my DH project with Virilio’s prescient but pessimistic philosophy in order to propose a departure from it. Unlike Virilio, the artists and architects I feature do not lament the crisis to which the technologies of light-speed may be complicit. Instead, they produce spaces that … Read More

Reassessing Intimacy

 Presenting my project was something of a fight, with myself more than anyone else to be quite honest. One of my main issues I was grappling with in haraway’s basement was intimacy. What does it mean to get close in the digital age? Does it mean to be physically close, to have the screen right up against your face, on your wrist, in your body? The leading theory is that the digital keeps us apart from each other, lends a … Read More

The Iron Streets of Pompeii: An Interactive Map

 With much pride and joy, I invite you to view one of the products of the research that Eric Poehler, Ben Crowther, and I have been conducting over the past year. My website,, brings the user through the streets of Pompeii to view many of the instances of iron used to repair and maintain the streets (as seen above). Accompanying the interactive map, I have supplied additional information about the project. Also, I would like to thank Mariel Nyröp … Read More

Copper & Control: A Progress Update from 5CollDH Fellow Wouter Schievink

Context Quotes:“We shape our tool, thereafter they shape us” – Father John Culkin“A computer is nothing but the actualization of man’s greatest desire to possess and control” – The Pattern On The Stone“In order to skillfully operate instruments a human being must internalize aspects of those instruments into their kinesthetic and perceptual habits.” – Joseph WeizenbaumWorking with any specific taxonomy of tools encourages me to leap into holes which exceed my height. For instance, I’ll get sucked into 3D printing, … Read More

IMDB and Queering Media

  For her 2014-15 undergraduate fellowship project with the 5CollDH, Cade Johnson blurs the line between art and scholarship, with a queer feminist online installation cum analytical essay on the strange life of body horror in cinema and the digital age. The following is an update from her work in the trenches:   As the gist of my project is rewriting film studies scholarship, a major, perhaps the major, preparatory task for my project was compiling the list of films to watch and work … Read More

Generative Music and Video Games

  What lies at the intersection of analog and digital sound? What would a “feedback loop” of compositional practices, grounded in digital technologies and experimental musicality, look and sound like? 2014-15 5CollDH undergraduate fellow Andrew Wang asks those questions, and more, in a series of musical pieces he’s developing for his project. In his own words: Generative music refers to a system in which sound elements with limitless possible combinations are set into place, creating a piece of music that is infinitely changing. Steve Reich’s “It’s Gonna Rain” … Read More

Creating a Virtual Reality Game: The Process

  Virtual reality—it’s the hottest thing in the tech world. But how can we use VR in academia? What can VR teach us about how we live in our own bodies? And how can we use VR to teach others about the experience of living in different kinds of bodies? Using Oculus Rift technology, 2014-15 5CollDH undergraduate fellow Coralie Pardo is building a game that teaches players about the ubiquitous nature of race and gender, and how they permeate even seemingly neutral interactions. … Read More

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