Community Web Hosting for Digital Projects


For the past several years, Five College Digital Humanities (5CollDH) has helped many of its affiliated projects get off the ground and up online. Starting this 2016 academic year, 5CollDH is now accepting applications from Five College community members who would like to host their digital humanities projects, portfolios, and data sets.


For many digital humanities projects and practitioners, an online presence is an integral part of the work itself. 5CollDH believes that the presentation of scholarship is not simply the last step after work is complete, but is rather an ongoing process best started as soon as a project begins.

Which kinds of information to present, to whom, in what ways are big questions that shape scholarly research profoundly. 5CDH.space exists to make the process of getting online easier and more efficient so that eligible Five College students, faculty, and staff can spend less time navigating technical barriers and more time tackling questions fundamental to their work. To this end, 5CDH.space offers turnkey, tried and tested platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and MediaWiki as well as FTP access to blank slate server space according to the specific needs of a project or practitioner. To learn more, read our FAQ below or send an inquiry to humans@5colldh.org.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Who can apply for 5CDH.space?
Q: What types of sites can I make with using 5CDH.space?
Q: What’s the difference between a domain and a subdomain, and which do I want?
Q: What’s the difference between hosting and a domain? Do I need both?
Q: How long will my 5CDH.space last?
Q: What types of support can 5CollDH provide?
Q: How much does 5CDH.space cost?


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