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Sandbox: The 5CollDH Blog

Virtual Reality in Higher Education: Using VR to Understand and Explore Metaphysics
| |

This year’s Five College Postdoctoral scholar of Digital Humanities and Blended Learning, Jeffrey Vadala challenged his Hampshire College class to produce virtual reality representations of ancient beliefs systems for the class Anthropologically Critiquing Reality. Influenced by the “Ontological Turn,” this class explores how ontological and metaphysical systems shape societies around the world. For a semester-long project, Hampshire college students learned to use VR tools while independently researching ancient Maya or Pompeiian... Read More

Memetic Engines of Anticapitalism (2017-2018 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellow)
| |

By T.X. Watson When I was interviewed for the Valley Advocate podcast, Gina Beavers asked me what my most comfortable medium was as an artist. Since I was on camera, I couldn’t just shrug and say “iunno,” so I put a little effort into coming up with an answer. I wound up citing George Orwell’s essay “Why I Write,” which I cite pretty often because it works really well... Read More

Cycles of Reconciliation by Lehua Matumoto (2017-2018 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellow)
| |

Amherst College’s Lehua Matsumoto built an interactive virtual reality environment that introduces students and interested users to the natural world surrounding Amherst College and the Western Massachusetts area. Noting a general lack of understanding local native American history, knowledge, and epistemology, Lehua’s project is designed to help people explore and create awareness of local indigenous ecological knowledge. This virtual reality experience will provide users an interactive showcase of plants and... Read More

Why Bare Hands? Why RYSE-UP? (2017-2018 Digital Humanities Undergrad Fellow)
| |

2017-2018 Digital Humanities Undergraduate Fellow Key Estime is producing a hybrid project that articulates a digital video ethnography with a hypermedia web experience. Called “RYSE-UP,” this work explores the needs of youth in the RYSE Program; which stands for Railroad Street Youth Student Empowerment Program. Why Bare Hands? Why RYSE-UP? By Key Estime In the 21st century, the youth of the United States struggle to prepare for their futures... Read More

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