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Highlights from Digital Labor / #DL14
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Sweatshops, Picket Lines, &Barricades This past week, I went to the New School in New York City to attend #DL14—the fifth conference on digital labor spurred by Trebor Scholz’s The Internet As Playground and Factory. Each year, the conference... Read More

In Beatdown City, Treachery Destroys You!
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So, I have this thing. This thing being that I lie to myself about…well, things—like how much I really don’t want a scone, or how much I really want to go jogging, or how I’m going to bed right now. Case and point: the conversation I had with myself two nights ago. 9pm:... Read More

Meet Rebelmouse, or DIY Digital Curation
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Occasionally, my fellow post-bacs and I will write blog posts highlighting different tools that we use in our work with Five College Digital Humanities. There’s no want for sites all over the Internet that offer similar information, many of... Read More