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Reassessing Intimacy
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  Presenting my project was something of a fight, with myself more than anyone else to be quite honest. One of my main issues I was grappling with in haraway’s basement was intimacy. What does it mean to get close … Read More

Parables for Proto-Space: An Introduction
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    Digital humanities offers the opportunity to imagine the future of how we live with and through our technologies. 2014-15 5CollDH undergraduate fellow Craig Campbell's project speculates on the architectures of cyberspace, and explores the ways that we already (and have … Read More

A Video Game Practicum: Recapping the Week
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This past January, I taught a week-long January term course entitled "Winners Don't Smash Buttons: A Video Game Practicum." This blog post is a summary of what happened over the course of the week; if you’d like a more detailed, … Read More